This blog was created merely as a way for me to share my thoughts with others if they wish to read them. I would not dare to presume that any of my writings are above critique or refinement. It is also my hope that these blogs might serve as both a place for me to more clearly refine my own thoughts while at the same time be a place where others might locate some thoughts or ideas which they might find novel or helpful.

TO BE CLEAR, I am a sinner, first among them. I offer nothing with the intention of judging the hearts and minds of others. Expect weakness, mistakes, and misunderstandings from me.  I intend none of these, but to pretend that they are not realities in my life would be a great dishonesty. I ask of your forgiveness in advance.

The title of this blog comes from the final paragraph of chapter 4 of the C.S. Lewis novel “The Screwtape Letters”. The reference reflects the contempt the demons show for the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, which they refer to as the “discreditable episode”. The word “discreditable” means “tending to bring harm to a reputation”. To believe in the incarnation may cause one’s reputation to take a beating, but this is clearly a risk I’m willing to take.

The title also might apply to the experience of the reader who might find the blog useless, poorly written, or offensive. Since the reader might feel that their time was wasted, the title may also reflect the reality that the whole experience might have been for them in particular. So you’ve been warned, and if you find my thoughts useless and their consideration a waste of your time, for that I ask your forgiveness.

Pray for me if you can. Sinners like me need them and appreciate them more than you know!


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